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Month: March, 2010

Gay threesome after pool match

Those guys were playing pool, and they had an agreement, whoever wins will have the opportunity to fuck and be fucked at the same. They played the game very hard, like professionals. It took a couple minutes until they figured out who actually won. They went in a nasty threesome, and the winner was very happy, it seems that he enjoyed his prize. In this gallery you’ll see some hardcore gay fuck after a pool match. The winner is the lucky guy in the middle, fucking and being fucked at the same time, in a nasty threesome.

Gays fucking and sucking in the kitchen

Those guys are best friends, one of them invited his friend to dinner. He got there, and while they were preparing some food, something went wrong and they figured out that they had to go out in order to buy some more ingredients. With some frustration they tried to decide which one of them will go out. And they made a deal, whoever goes out to get the groceries will have the opportunity to fuck the other very hard. After getting back from the supermarket, he came to claim his prize. some gay fuck happened that day.