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Month: May, 2010

Hot gays fuck in glory hole.

Jerking off in the bathroom may be safe sometimes, but its not when someone else is watching. This guy was playing with toy, but some other guy was watching him through the glory hole; it took some time until he noticed, but it was too late, the other guy was already horny and was sticking his cock on the hole. He understood what was about to happen, but instead of some gay fuck through the glory hole, he went to the other side of the cabine and sucked and fucked the other guy very hard.

Hot gay man plays with toy and the real thing

Those friends were bothered and wanted to have some fun. The house owner said he had a fun toy on which he received as a gift from a college friend. For the visitor’s surprise, the toy was a jerk off “instrument”… After playing a little bit with the toy, they were fighting to see who’s turn it was. They got rid of the toy and went to the real thing, both guys stripped their clothes and started to suck each other. It couldn’t end differently, We can see that some gay fuck pictures are ahead, and they are.