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Going Out With the Guys

My mother always used to worry about me getting into trouble with girls. She would fret over it constantly. She was worried I’d get a girl pregnant like my cousin did and ruin my chances of going to college. She was worried girls would create drama and distract me from my school work. What my mother didn’t realize was that my interest was in guys. The girls I hung out with really were just friends.

When I’d tell my mom that I was going out with the boys, she’d smile, tell me to stay away from alcohol, and ask if I needed any money. Sure, I wasn’t going to get Bryce or Mark pregnant, but I was definitely going to cum inside them, and I was always getting distracted thinking about them and the older men we’d sometimes hook up with.

Years later, when I came out as gay, my mother acted devastated and lamented her lack of grandchildren. I reminded her how she always warned me away from girls and I reminded her that I finished college without issue. And at least I wasn’t like my cousin. We worked things out eventually.

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