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Fucking For Freedom

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Jerking off in the bathroom may be safe sometimes, but its not when someone else is watching. This guy was playing with toy, but some other guy was watching him through the glory hole; it took some time until he noticed, but it was too late, the other guy was already horny and was sticking his cock on the hole. He understood what was about to happen, but instead of some gay fuck through the glory hole, he went to the other side of the cabine and sucked and fucked the other guy very hard.

Gay twink rides meaty cock

Those guys are best friends and lovers. They had a stressful day at college and wanted to relax. They tried to set up a party, but in the middle of the process they figured out that they could have fun without having spend lots of money in beer. They talked to each other and they came to an agreement. They wanted some nasty gay fuck to happen. After a nice blowjob they did put their agreement to run. Which was, the owner of the house had to have his cock rided hard, and it happened.

Gay threesome after pool match

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Those guys are best friends, one of them invited his friend to dinner. He got there, and while they were preparing some food, something went wrong and they figured out that they had to go out in order to buy some more ingredients. With some frustration they tried to decide which one of them will go out. And they made a deal, whoever goes out to get the groceries will have the opportunity to fuck the other very hard. After getting back from the supermarket, he came to claim his prize. some gay fuck happened that day.

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